CLASSIFIED: Confidential Memo – Queen Alearie

by | May 6, 2021

CLASSIFIED: Eyes only, for Boris Carmashrov.

SUBJECT: A civilization on the far side of the Andromeda Galaxy.

In the year 2593, we discovered an entity refered to as Queen Alearie on an archeological dig, the first of 3,179 digs on almost as many planets. In that first dig, what is now believe to be a transgalaxy royal cruiser of some sort had a corrupted archival computational unit – data was recovered but too corrupted and more than half is still encripted.

All ships and structures on the multiple archeological sites allude to the idea that she, Queen Alearie, was, and some speculate “maybe still is,” keeping an alliance of intergalactic civilizations safe, organized and thriving. We are not sure if this is an imortal entity. We don’t have current records, as of year 2678, of any such civilization. We have found archeological evidence among all the sites dated in a span of 500 to 850 years apart.

These are all rumors and archological interpretations. We cannot substantiate the evidence, and the dig findings are too scarce.

There is mention of interaction with the lost human race that we are searching for in the Milky Way galaxy. But, they have been gone for centuries. The inconsistency of the digs with the time spans are confusing at best.

RECOMMENDATIONS: Start preparations for possible contact. Possible hostile race.

CLASSIFIED: Confidential Memo - Queen Alearie Portrait of the Queen

CLASSIFIED: Artist interpretations and renderings of the archeological finds

Explorers had their assigned artists create interpretations of the creatures referenced in many of the sites. We don’t have proof of inteligent entities other than that of the mentioned “Queen” but some of these creature are depicted in situations that suggest some level of understanding of what they where doing.

More information is been collected. We will notify you as soon as we have more.

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