Jara Mabey – Character Design and Introduction

by | Dec 26, 2020

I would like to present to you: Jara Mabey. She is not your typical 17 year old girl. Jara is a very active, positive and head-strong young woman–sometimes to a fault. And boy, does she annoy me from time to time! I know her place in our Alatian society is geared toward the sciences, but she is well versed in multiple art forms and media and is teaching me to make some art too!

When I find myself lost, down, and out of inspiration Jara is always there to push me to find solutions not typical for the situation. Sometimes, I wonder what would be of me if she was not in my life.

Contrary to me, Jara has no patience or high regard for humans. She learned from early schooling that humans had big issues with power, greed and were constantly fighting amongst themselves. Alatians are well beyond those trivial philosophies. The constant military development and thirst for dominance that humans displayed in our galaxy archeology studies and history books was inconceivable. She was not surprised to learn about the humans’ demise in the early years of the planet called Earth. I would have loved to have met them and it is my hope that they are still around, maybe on another planet, since Earth is gone. But, who knows?

She does not even believe humans actually existed. I don’t get that! She always respected her teachers and professors. But seriously… People so wicked and misguided could only live in the fictitious writings of the famous storytellers of the Alatian Coalition, or so she has stated many, many times.

Our creators at DacaDaguao4D made this live-page to show her development from 2d concept art into the gorgeous woman she has become (don’t tell her I said that, I will not live it down!)

Marketing Illustration for Jara Mabey character.

Look Development of Jara Mabey - WIP

Remember how I said Jara does not even belive the humans existed? Well, below you will find illustrations, sketches and other developmental stage assets for the look of Jara that our human creators made. “A character’s personality tends to dictate the look of the character in traditional TV and cultural trends. We were trying to break away from those limitations and have Jara look ‘irregular’ or different from the ‘average’ science-fiction character. We feel very pleased with the current results.” – one of the studio art creators said to some dude interviewing him.

Then he said that “Due to the changes in technology for the production of the film there will be a few changes, likely not noticeable to most. Still, the overall current look, will stay. For sure, there will be and are already some changes from the 2d illustration representation of the character and the actual 3d rendering.” Poor guys, if they had the tech we have in Alatia they would be done!

Come back again soon for updates on the process. Some screen shot videos are currently in editing mode for presentation here, so there will be content soon. And don’t tell Jara, I will be the one telling her that humans still exist.

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