Isidro Ahuatzi – Character Presentation

by | Mar 20, 2021

So, finally, here I am! I am Isidro Ahuatzi. Some people call me idealistic, hopeful to a fault, and easy to take for a fool. What they don’t recognize is my integrity, my natural goodness and the fact that I am true to myself, so no, you won’t sway me easily. My uncle Kronaii keeps saying that I am “destined for big things” blah blah… blah… But I just want to find them.

So, I am from Alatia. I know there are humans alive somewhere in the universe, and I am going to find them. Jara keeps calling me “iluso,” or “naive” in Spanish. Yes, we both speak English and Spanish, along with another 12 languages. What? That is not normal where you are from?

I, Isidro Ahuatzi, have an important mission!

Anyway, I am looking for proof that humans are alive and that they might even have been, or maybe still are, here in Alatia. This story–or film as some of you call it–is my story: how I am about to find the humans that I know there are out there. I even have a secret theory… shh, no one knows this, so keep it quiet. I am almost sure that we are related to humans. But, I need proof before I even bring it up or I will be the fool of the village. Well, some people might argue that I already am the fool.

Like I said on Jara’s page, contrary to me, Jara has no patience with or high regard for humans. She learned from early schooling that humanity had big issues with power and greed. That humans were constantly fighting among themselves. So of course, she would not help me if I asked for help. Well, I haven’t, so she has not said. But, I am sure she would say “get lost,” or something like that.

Isidro Ahuatzi Walk Cycle Video Poster Frame

More about me, Isidro Ahuatzi

Isidro Ahatzi Visual Development Panel

A couple of things about me: I hate how fast technology advanced in some cultures in the past. It is ridiculous. In Alatia and the alliance, we learned to take it slow. We make our technology to better our lives–not to live our lives. For instance, these guys at Daca Daguao are driving me nuts!

First, I am 16 years old. Yes, I know, I look good for my age… I mean, look at those legs in that photo! Oh, stop staring. My village’s culture has elements of Mayan and Taino cultures, and as far as I know those were humans so I am not sure what happened there. But somehow my ancestors decided to follow those cultures, even when in all books I have read they were not civilized, or so people say! I don’t believe it myself. But I am clueless as to how it is that my culture has elements of human clothing, sports and such. It’s like, we did not have any originality to make our own culture? I don’t get it. All I know is that Mayans and Tainos were around an area people used to call Caribbean and .. something central, like Central America or something like that. Oh, and supposedly that “Caribbean” word was also another group of humans. I think my people are weird, taking the culture of another species and using it, or mixing it more like it.

My parents disappeared when I was 7 or 8, can’t remember. And my uncle Kronaii, dad’s brother, has taken care of me ever since. He is great, but not dad! I have few memories of my mom and dad, but I remember playing in the yard with a tall man that I presume was dad. That was fun, but I can’t remember much anymore.

So I just found out about a month ago — yes, I have not complained in my twitter account, I know — that I will go through a process of redesign. I think that is for 3D characters like surgery is for humans… not sure I like that idea. I mean… man, look at me in that picture above! I am gorgeous. I bet the girls can’t stop talking about me.

Anyway, back to the humans. So, I found this piece of evidence that I am sure Kronaii is not going to like. For some reason, I think he wants me to fail. But, since mom and dad disappeared many years ago he has been taking care of me. So, I kind of owe him. If I do find humans, I am almost sure he is not going to like that at all. He even calls humans barbarians that did not deserve to survive evolution. Man, that is harsh!

He is in charge of the city’s security, although nothing ever happens here other than accidents. The intergalactic alliance is always on the lookout for civilizations to join the guild. But, wars or crime are things we read in books from primitive societies. So nope, no crime or wars that I know of in the entire galaxy or within the alliance. I have heard of places beyond the expanse between galaxies, that there are something people call pirates or something like that. Not sure if it is just make-believe or what, but hey, they are too far from here if they are real.

Getting back to my excitement of this page, below you will see the process to create this beautiful body I have! The guys at Daca Daguao Digital Design are going all-out on this film. I am just nervous about that “redesign” thing they mentioned because I don’t want to loose my baby-face!

Come around often to see the updates. Hopefully, we both like what you see!

Look Development of Isidro Ahuatzi - WIP

So, this guy named Gerardo Vargas, who, as far as I know, started and founded Daca Daguao, was experimenting and “learning” how to rig me back in 2016 using something called Blender 2.78. What kind of name is that, and what the heck is it in general??? And, really? Experimenting on me!

Anyway, I look good–even if my eyebrows look white and my eyes are like those of a fried fish! Gosh.

Oh, and those weird black lines you see coming out of my body and floating around it is called RIG. That is what the animators use to move me around. Like I am some kind of puppet. Unbeliveable! I am manipulated constantly!

In this video you can see the begining of my life. When I started moving. Mr. Vargas had a lot of work in this hand, I know, I am stubburn and don’t want to play nice most of the time. And that thing that gave me live, that Blender 2.78 thing… yes, that thing. What a weird sensation that was.

So, what he had to do, after putting all those vertices in their place on my emblem decoration straps, he had to make sure the… something call mesh, where the vertices are, was not clashing and going through each other. I think that means my clothing and my skin. Can you belive that stuff? My skin could be intersected with clothing mesh… it even sounds painful! I am glad I could not feel anything at this time.

After all that, he started to put texture and color in my clothing and emblem. At marker “1:39” you can see him painting on something else called Krita. I think it is some form of painting softaware that lets these animators add color and texture to us 3d charcaters as you can see at marker “2:19.” He even put the family crest pattern on my medallion. You can see the bump process starting at time marker “2:43.”

I will be back when Daca Daguao artists have some more to show, and I hope I still look similar to today, March 2021!

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