Kronaii Wilkins – Character Design and Introduction

by | Apr 2, 2021

Hello. My name is Kronaii Wilkins. As annoying as Isidro is, he made a good case of me introducing myself. First, I am 47 years old by your Earths standards.

In Alatia, we don’t have a police or military forces. We are part of a galactic alliance. Still, our security forces do exist and keeps us safe from predatory species in the universe. That is where I come in, I am in charge of everyday city administration and security.

Isidro is the son of my brother. Both him and life partner were lost years ago, when Isidro was only 4 years old. His memory of them is scant. I took care of him since then, and still do so now days.

I have deep knowledge of what Isidro is trying to accomplish here. I know that passion he has will likely cost him dearly. Protecting him has become a full time job. Some times I wonder if I am doing it right or messing it up even more.

Isidro’s parents were members, and he is the hope of a very important group in the alliance. I cannot talk much about it, but you will find out in the film. Unfortunately, we are running out of time to make the changes we want, and Isidro is not ready.

Kronaii Wilkins Character presentation

Look Development of Kronaii Wilkins - WIP

A gentleman by the name of Gerardo Vargas started designing me way before Daca Daguao Digital Design, LLC existed. I have heard the stories. Some say he was battling the residues of a lifetime of Hollywood movies. I have hear people said that I looked very different in the very beginning. Of course, I don’t understand what they are talking about. But here are images I have found on my research of my background.

Kronaii Wilkins Character Turnaround Sheet

Apparently my clothing was going to be very different, as seen on the left image. Honestly, I think it look better. And I heard the new members of the studio think so too, so they are … something they call … redesigning me! What is all that about? I think Isidro mentions it on his jornal page.

I think he mentioned that it compares with what humans used to call “plastic surgery” but for us, “3D characters.” 3D Characters? What is that. Well, I would not be surprised that humans came up with that label too. They loved that. Classifying people into little groups. It kept them fighting with each other. By contrast, on the right image, that is what I look now.


Kronaii Wilkins 3D version

Animation Tests of Kronaii Wilkins - WIP Stopped

Along the process of giving me life, Mr. Vargas had to do early animation tests to verify rigging, clothing and overall technical “stuff.” I think I look silly on this two animations but what do you think?

As far as I understand, these animations were part of the process of learning to rig and animate a 3D character. I still don’t understand why they keep using that label with me here, but hey, humans are like that. They sue labels to classify people and then pretend that they don’t discriminate each other. Kind of easy when you have “groups” isn’t it? 

But back to this weird rigging stuff. The studio Mr. Vargas created back in 2018 out of his own adventures in art is using this tool called Blender. Sounds more like a bar to me than an animation studio! Blender? What names is that for a tool for animation?

Any way, I have heard some of them say “animation pipeline” and other stuff that makes little sense. Like, do you have liquid animation coming down a pipe? Weird stuff, I tell you.

Redesign process of Kronaii Wilkins - WIP

The gang at Daca Daguao promised me that I could be present while they redesign me, which like I said, sounds like I will be going through plastic surgery like humans like to call it.

Some screen-grabs, photos and videos will be posted here as the process moves forward.

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